An Android application to help prevent sexual harassment in Bangladesh

This application was developed in National Hackathon 2014 to solve one of the most pervasive national problems, Sexual Harassment.

My contribution was to develop a social media like awareness portal where users could post and discuss any incident and share knowledge.

Full source code is available in Github.

The application has multiple modules:

  1. Anonymous Authenticated Identification System: An authentication/identification system so reporter will be anonymous in the network & communication but higher applicable authority will able to know her identity so can provide support.

  2. Report crime (to applicable higher authority): This is a simple message-based system where women can report a crime / harassment she experienced to the applicable authority.

  3. Crowd sourced Heatmap/Area reporting: In a map, one can point a location where she were victim of eve-teasing or harassment.

  4. Ask for Counseling: User can ask for counseling/advice to trained counselor hiding her identity

  5. One click Urgent Help: In a vulnerable situation, one can ask for help by clicking a button (call+sms+location information will go directly to preset persons)

  6. Raise Awareness / Share experience through safe & secure network: A community feed where users can discuss between them in various issue / raise awareness against common problems they faced regularly.

Screenshot of user interface: