Industry Experience

Industry Experiences and Technical Skills

Senior Software Engineer

Therap BD Ltd. (Jul 2018 - Current)

  • Developed a file transfer framework based on Enterprise Integration Patterns to streamline file transfer between Therap server and external SFTP servers. The framework provides higher level of abstraction and easier APIs for developers to use.
  • Developed a system to import issue generated over Salesforce Lightening Live Chat platform using REST APIs and a data sync mechanism between both side. Tech Stack: Spring,JEE, Salesforce Lightening REST API, OAuth 2.0.
  • Re-designed and improved Therap diagnosis module. Added new infrastructure for standard diagnosis code (e.g. ICD-9, ICD-10, DSM-5 etc.) database. Developed APIs to lookup and search diagnosis codes.
  • Designed and developed Therap Issue Tracking application to collect user reported issues. Simplified the workflow and improved issue searching infrastructure for faster search results. Tech Stack: Spring, JEE, Oracle RDBMS.
  • Designed and developed Telephony integration (IVR) with Therap Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system. Designed HATEOAS driven REST APIs for it. Tech Stack: Spring, PlumVoice Fuse+ IVR.
  • Performed various R&D work for development tools (e.g. static code analyzers, application profiling and performance monitoring tools, web application security analysis etc.) that have potential usage in Therap.
  • Developed feature for having multiple notification profile which lets users to customized application specific notification levels and notification media settings among Therap application suite.
  • Member of core code reviewer panel for both web application and mobile (Android and iOS) platform. Ensuring best practices for design patterns, code quality and maintainability.

Software Engineer II

Therap BD Ltd. (Jul 2016 - Jun 2018)

  • Migrated and redesigned legacy Therap Secure Communication (SComm) codebase using newer frameworks to match with newer standards and better user experience. Optimized data structure, queries, improved UI and JS plugins which reduced page loading time up to ten times. Tech Stack: Spring, JEE, Bootstrap.
  • Updated Excel Reporting Framework to use newer format (.xlsx) and added support for streaming excel building/reading to handle very large amounts of data in a memory efficient way. This change reduced generated file size up to 30% and resulted in a overall faster report download. Tech Stack: Spring, JEE, Apache POI.
  • Added a templating mechanism to create completely customizable data forms based on various agency requirements.
  • Added a reusable JavaScript plugins for rich text, file attachment, form attachment etc.
  • Contributed to common JSTL tag library and custom Twitter Bootstrap components to match with newer UI scheme. Refactored existing UIs to achieve responsiveness.
  • Developed utilities for XML and rich text parsing, text extraction and sanitization for protection against XSS attacks.
  • Implemented third-party integration for data exports in monthly manner.
  • Developed a JavaScript data caching library. The cache offered multiple storage modes such as DOM, LocalStorage and SessionStorage.

Software Engineer

Therap BD Ltd. (Jul 2014 - Jun 2016)

  • Developed a jQuery typeahead search plugin and a reusable UI component. This helped the UI to be consistent across the whole application.
  • Developed a load/stress testing application based on Gatling to test API load capacity. Conducted testing on heavily used APIs with the tool to estimate concurrent bulk request performance.
  • Developed a jQuery Data Table UI component. The component had features like pagination, selection, searching, sorting etc. Optimized the table loading to handle very large amount of data while maintaining page responsiveness.
  • Designed and developed a fully configurable data collection module called “Case Note” with custom dynamic questionnaire which is being used to record services provided to couple of hundred thousand users. Tech Stack: Spring, JEE, Bootstrap, jQuery.
  • Optimized Therap Secure Communications (SComm) mailbox queries which resulted improved SQL execution and faster mailbox loading.
  • Unified search framework for Therap form archives. Simplified framework usage for developers by developing a more generic API.
  • Organized a Java web app development contest Therap JavaFest for university students to inspire future Java programmers. Designed and developed user activity tracking system for the web app which was developed for initial screening of the contestants. Tech Stack: Spring, JEE, JMS, AWS (EC2, RDS).

Associate Software Engineer

Therap BD Ltd. (Jul 2013 - Jun 2014)

  • Migrated the codebase of Therap Android application to use newer Gradle based Android build tool from legacy Maven tools and was able to cut down build time to one third.
  • Added unit tests and integration test suite to Therap for Android codebase. Upgraded 3rd party libraries upon researching documentations.
  • Developed REST APIs and Android app feature for multiple user profiles where users will be able to customize separate set of privilege and applications for each profile.
  • Configured several static code analysis tools such as Checkstyle and PMD to Therap codebase and fixed bad coding practice issues and security vulnerabilities.
  • Designed and developed a Sleep Tracking application to predict sleep quality and suggest lifestyle changes for optimal sleep. Tech Stack: Spring, JEE, Weka (C4.5 Decision Tree, SVM).

Technical Skills

Programming Language: Java, JavaScript, SQL, C/C++, Python, Swift
Scripting and Typesetting: Shell (Bash, Zsh), HTML, CSS, LaTex
Libraries and Frameworks: Spring Framework (MVC, Web Flow, Security, Boot, Batch), Java Enterprise Edition (JSF, EJB, CDI, JPA, JMS), Hibernate, jQuery, Bootstrap, Hazelcast, Elasticsearch, ActiveMQ, Gradle, Oracle RDBMS, Oracle Weblogic, TDD, RESTful API Design (HATEOAS), Static code analyzers (Spotbugs, PMD, Sonarqube), IVR (Telephony Systems), JIRA, Atlassian Bamboo (CI), Android and iOS App Development, React/React Native, GraphQL, RxJava, ELK Stack, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins (CI/CD), Hadoop Ecosystem (Big Data), Microservices and Serverless Architecture
Computing Engines/Cloud Platforms: AWS Cloud (EC2, Lambda, RDS), Salesforce Lightening, Oracle Cloud
Development Tools: Git, Linux, Eclipse IDE, IntelliJ IDEA, Vim